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Live Streaming Services

Technical Production Management

Audio & Video Production

High Definition Multi-Camera Production


Microsite Design and Build

(including registration, data capture, payment gateways, Q&A, chat & commenting)

Presenter Slide Integration

Video Editing & Post Production

FlingBrook - you are amazing. I’ve never had such great sound and video on a remote job as this one.

Thank you for all the hard work and calmness during the event. Really sterling stuff!
— Andrew / Speech To Text Ltd

Imagine you want to launch a product…

You host an event, invite lots of potential customers and show off your wares. People are milling about, talking about its innovative new features or stunning new design. They mingle by the coffee bar and start to form opinions. By the time you offer them the chance to receive a follow-up from your sales team they’re not only interested, they’re personally invested. The sale still needs to be made, but as marketing leads go, these ones are really good.

Now imagine you could host an event like that…

But invite the whole world! Key potential customers from every corner of the planet could be mingling by the coffee bar, investing their energy in discussing your product.

This is the power of social webcasting.

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