Schneider Electric / Coventry

FlingBrook, working with Coolbox, provided a full webcast production service for an all-hands event for Schneider Electric in Coventry, for their “CEO team talk”, hosted by the UK and Ireland Zone President.

There were interviews, product demos, a live audience and Q&A, and even a company “weather report” shot live on a green-screen.

FlingBrook & Coolbox together ensured that the high quality TV-style programme went out smoothly to the Schneider Electric employees.

This was the last in the current series of Schneider Electric's UK and Ireland Team Talks and, having announced she was moving on to another role, the UK and Ireland Zone President wanted this to be a larger and more impressive show than previously.

Flingbrook integrated with the client’s internal video platform, ensuring a seamless brand experience for the viewers.

FlingBrook also provided vision mixing and graphics equipment, video playout, animated graphics, and broadcast-audio mastering, along with chroma-keying technology to allow for the green-screen 'Weather Report'.

As per our standard procedure, FlingBrook’s service offered encoding redundancy, to ensure the best possible performance during the live event; minimising the risk of external factors hindering the delivery.