Sibos / Toronto 2017

In October 2017, once again working with George P. Johnson (an independent experience marketing agency), FlingBrook helped to design and test a suitable webcast system for the Sibos event to YouTube Live.

FlingBrook then successfully provided webcasting of the high-profile Plenary sessions, while also delivering simultaneous webcasts from the five conference rooms and an "innovation" room on the exhibition floor – spread out over the four-day event.


Microsoft @ Sibos

In addition to the live webcast support we provided at Sibos 2017, FlingBrook also live-streamed a session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella - for Microsoft themselves.

An Elemental encoder was used to provide pristine on-site encoding and we provided redundancy, to ensure the best possible performance during the live event. We also supported the integration of live captions into the YouTube Live webcast.

After each of the daily Plenary sessions, FlingBrook completed high-quality session edits for upload to YouTube, with each to be delivered within 24 hours (as per previous years).


FlingBrook also supported the YouTube channel management for the Sibos client, ensuring that there was a smooth and reliable process for delivery of live and VOD files to YouTube.

FlingBrook’s service included redundancy, making use of dedicated public IP addresses – minimizing the risk of external factors hindering the delivery – and utilising primary and backup encoders to ensure the best possible performance during the live event.