JMP Webcast Series 2017-19

Live Webcast / Production Management / Series of Webcasts

Google Flutter 2018

(GPJ) FlingBrook, now trusted regularly to deliver high quality webcasts for Google events, was asked to provide the live webcast of 'Flutter Live'.

This was a hugely global event, streamed to the Google Developers YouTube channel, to Twitter, as well as to China.

FlingBrook, partnering with Pixl, provided full 1080 HD, 60fps filming of the keynote. FlingBrook also vision mixed the webcast.

FlingBrook provided management and technical audio and video equipment for the 'Ask Flutter' live stage, where guests and viewers were able to ask questions to experts live, and to see their responses and their demos.

As per previous events, FlingBrook oversaw:

    • Connectivity support (bonded venue and 4G)

    • Support for live captions in venue and to YouTube

    • Live social wall

    • IPTV channels - relaying the webcast mix around the venue

Magento Live / Barcelona 2018

With Magento having been acquired by Adobe, and having supported Magento events for several years, FlingBrook were invited to continue supporting Magento with Adobe for their MagentoLive Europe event.

FlingBrook were tasked with providing a live webcast of the keynotes to the Adobe & Magento YouTube channels, as well as editing footage onsite for their social channels.

FlingBrook also provided the session capture and editing of the breakout sessions as they have done for many years now for Magento.

Crayon Partner Summit 2017-18

FlingBrook provided webcast production services for Crayon’s 2017 and 2018 events in London, including the provision of cameras and operators as well as webcast encoding equipment.

FlingBrook’s service included the provision of technical project management in advance and during the show, and of technical equipment to vision mix the webcast. Additionally, we provided a bespoke microsite to host the webcast video player and VOD.

As per our standard procedure, FlingBrook’s service offered redundancy to ensure the best possible performance during the live event.

Bloodwise / Birmingham 2018

Bloodwise wanted to raise awareness and improve access to one of their events, to allow their Impact Day to be seen by a broader audience.

FlingBrook was recommended to them, and supported by providing technical project management in advance and during the show, and technical equipment to film and vision mix the webcast.

The stream was direct to the Bloodwise YouTube channel.