Equinor GTH 2019

In 2018, Statoil changed their name to Equinor, and FlingBrook provided the Global Town Hall webcasting expertise for the executive team to communicate effectively and directly to all their 20,000 employees & contractors.

Equinor - delighted with the impact of their 2018 Global Town Hall - wanted to communicate to all their employees & contractors in 2019.

FlingBrook were brought in by GPJ to provide management and delivery of several services - providing a bespoke, private microsite, password-protected webcast, and vision mixing and encoding equipment, and delivery and sharing of a pre-recorded message from the CEO.

To add to the redundancy, this year FlingBrook was also asked to provide a broadcast delay.

FlingBrook, partnering with Get-Me-Connected and Pylon One, provided a redundant and bonded-connectivity solution, incorporating venue, satellite and 4G internet providers.

FlingBrook also supported a global comms and technical support solution, as well as the final translation and subtitling - in both English and Norwegian - for the Video On Demand file of the event.

JMP Webcast Series 2017-19

Live Webcast / Production Management / Series of Webcasts

In late 2016, JMP were looking for a new provider to manage and deliver their marketing seminar webcasts for their European events.

FlingBrook was recommended to them, and have since provided a full webcast production service for the JMP team events in and across Europe.

FlingBrook work with local AV companies and venues, together ensuring that the presentations and demos are successfully delivered live to the JMP customers, via YouTube live and JMP's own Brightcove channel.

FlingBrook provides management, encoding, vision mixing and graphics equipment, along with audio and video equipment.

Google Flutter 2018

FlingBrook, now trusted regularly to deliver high quality webcasts for Google events, was asked by GPJ to provide the live webcast for 'Flutter Live'.

This was a hugely global event, streamed to the Google Developers YouTube channel, to Twitter, as well as to China.

FlingBrook, partnering with Pixl, provided full 1080 HD, 60fps filming of the keynote. FlingBrook also vision mixed the webcast.

FlingBrook provided management and technical audio and video equipment for the 'Ask Flutter' live stage, where guests and viewers were able to ask questions to experts live, and to see their responses and their demos.

As per previous events, FlingBrook oversaw:

    • Connectivity support (bonded venue and 4G)

    • Support for live captions in venue and to YouTube

    • Live social wall

    • IPTV channels - relaying the webcast mix around the venue

Workday 2018

FlingBrook works alongside many Event- and Production Managers on a host of different events for various clients, and this is the most common way that we gain recommendations and invitations to work alongside those managers for new clients.

A Production Manager who has delivered many Workday events invited FlingBrook to support their Rising Europe 2018 event.

FlingBrook were asked to manage the sessions capture for 6x breakout rooms, and encode and present all the files together on a platform for the client to be able to review.

FlingBrook provided onsite management and crew, as well as recorders and encoders to capture and deliver the files to the online video platform.

Blockchains 2018

FlingBrook were invited by Nteractive to provide a live webcast of the Blockchains, LLC Global Event Launch Keynote in Prague.

It was a visually impressive and very experiential event, and Nteractive wanted to have a solid and very reliable webcast provider in place to manage the delivery to the client's YouTube channel.