We provide webcasting services for conferences, training, investor relations, corporate communications, public relations, education and government.

Companies all over the world are using our solutions to improve the way they communicate with their clients, partners, customers and staff.

Webcasting has changed dramatically in the last five years.


To ensure consistent, high-quality delivery to multiple formats it used to be essential to have large studios, often in multiple locations around the world. The main webcasting service providers invested heavily in this infrastructure.


But the Cloud, the vast network of servers all over the world, has made it possible to deliver the same high-quality, consistent webcasts in multiple formats at a fraction of the cost.


So don’t go spending your valuable budget subsidising outdated infrastructure. Instead, invest in results!


We provide the highest-quality webcasting services in every format to virtually every device or platform. These days you expect this as standard. What makes FlingBrook special is our investment at the cutting edge of socially integrated webcasting.


The social power of a live event – made virtual.

“Both in the run up to the event and on the day
FlingBrook delivered everything that they promised.”

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/ Recent Clients

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